Gift Certificate Program

Are Chamber Gift Certificates

Right for Your Business?

“Kids and their parents redeem lots of Chamber Gift Certificates at What’s the Scoop. Many are winners of the Edgar School Student of the Month Program. We are happy to participate in this program as it brings more customers to the shop and is one of the many ways the  Chamber supports local business.” – Mike Patterson, Owner of What’s the Scoop

The Gift Certificate Program

Every year, the Chamber of Commerce sells over $15,000 worth of gift certificates. And unlike most gift cards, this is all money that will be spent locally!  Chamber members in good standing* are eligible to participate in this program, for which there is no additional charge to either the redeemer or by those purchasing the gift certificates.  It really is the ideal gift choice.

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 As Good As Cash; Accepted by Participating Chamber Member Businesses

  • Customers can purchase certificates in many denominations.
  • Recipients receive a Shop & Dine Guide when they purchase their gift certificates so they are aware of all Chamber Businesses participating in the program.
  • The Certificates never expire!
  • In most cases, participating Chamber members are reimbursed within 10 business days when redeemed certificates are presented at the Chamber office for payment.
  • Your business will be issued a check for the full face value of the certificate. There are no redemption fees.
  • The Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce guarantees that participating merchants will always treat a gift certificate as a cash transaction.
  • The customer is always given the correct change in cash. There are no exceptions to this policy. You may not issue a store credit for the balance due.

 Where can I spend the Gift Certificates?

A wide range of local businesses and organizations participate!  Take a look HERE:


* A member in good standing is defined as an active Chamber Member whose dues are paid in full during the year in which the gift certificates are redeemed.

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