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The Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce takes your privacy very seriously. We understand your personal information should remain private, and not be shared randomly on the web. This page explains what information we collect from visitors to the Metuchen Chamber of Commerce site, how we use that information and under what circumstances we share that information with any third party.

While this site is designed for use by adults, all content developed by Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce for this site is safe for general audiences. However, our public BLOG allows postings by the general public. We do not review such postings before they appear and therefore it may contain objectionable material. We will remove material we deem objectionable promptly upon being notified of same. You may email us here to notify us of any inappropriate posting. Persons under 18 should have their parent’s permission before using the Metuchen Chamber of Commerce site and should have permission to submit information via this site, including joining our email list, before doing so. Children under 13 should not use the Metuchen Chamber of Commerce web site.

Metuchen Chamber of Commerce promises that any personal information gathered by this site will not be sold, distributed or shared with any third party without your consent. We do not collect any information that can identify individual site visitors unless the visitor voluntarily submits that information to join our email or USPS mailing lists, applies for membership in the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce, submits information about events to be listed on our calendar, signs up to use our public BLOG or enters a Chamber sponsored contest.

We do collect information about the aggregate visitors to this site that can not identify individuals. We use this information to improve visitor’s experience with this site, to improve the performance of the site, to help us promote the site to other web users and potential advertisers.Information collected includes total number of visitors to the site, date & time of each visit, IP address of visitors, pages viewed, any errors generated by the site and what site referred visitors to our site. Additional statistical information about aggregate visitors may be collected, and what information is collected may vary over time. Statistics about aggregate visitors to this site may be shared with third parties such as web service providers, search engine and web marketing providers, potential advertisers and site programmers.

If you choose to subscribe (“Opt-In”) to our email list or USPS list, we will periodically send you news, information and offers from Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, you may choose to receive commercial mail and/or email from Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce’s members. You are free to unsubscribe from any or all lists at any time. Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce handles all email & USPS mailings for their members. No information that can identify individual subscribers is shared with third party mailers & emailers.

An exception to our policy of not disclosing information that can identify specific individual site users is that we may be required by law to disclose certain information to law enforcement authorities. In most cases, authorities are required to produce either a search warrant or subpoena before we allow them access to such information. We will cooperate with authorized officials that have legal authority to access information about this site.

The only information that Metuchen Chamber of Commerce collects that can identify an individual visiting this site is if you voluntarily sign up for our email list or our BLOG. Some of these areas require that we place a cookie on your computer. Cookies are small text files that cannot contain viruses or malevolent programs. We use these cookies to establish that you are an authorized user for these areas of the site. Therefore, some areas of the site may not be accessible if you have cookies disabled in your browser. Learn more about cookies here.

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