Woodmont Properties Ground Breaking


Changes to Metuchen Begin


October 1, Woodmont Properties Hosts the Ground Breaking Ceremony

While this was the official Ground Breaking Ceremony, many have noticed and many commuters and shoppers have experienced the removal of the Pearl Street Parking Lot and the excavation in progress. The area is also marked by a huge crane seen towering over the old parking lot. Days after the ceremony, the crane began erecting the new parking deck which will be managed by NEXUS.  The parking deck  walls and floor slabs are prepared off premise and being erected on site.  As such, a picture taken on a Monday of the deck will change rapidly over that week.

Along side the parking deck will be a residential complex, retail space and a piazza for community events and activities. In fact, it will be the new home for the Metuchen Farmers Market. This project will bring life to the New Street streetscape and begin to connect Main Street to the future Renaissance project consisting of the Whole Foods market experience.

This is one of a number of projects taking place in Metuchen, adding more residential units and retail space.  This is a great opportunity for growth of businesses: new, expanded and multi-location businesses.

For more information, visit an article in MyCentraJersey regarding the Ground Breaking and what it means to Metuchen.

parking-deck-crane metuchen--pkgdeck
Crane in Pearl Street Parking Lot  Partial Parking Deck